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You should look for hidden gems that hide a world of performance inside a highly slept on package. Examples: BMW 335xi coupe (AWD + twin turbo inline 6), Infiniti G37x coupe (AWD NA V6), or V8 Audi S5

Do the V8 S5s get decent mpg? I have a 40 mile(round trip) commute starting monday, so its a slight consideration.

Prius. On a more serious note, don’t buy a mustang. You’ll inevitably meet a teenage girl with an identical model and you’ll feel ridiculous.

That’s a possibility i guess, but the 2015 is so nice lol

I have a $50k to spend for a car. It’s hard to find a good used M3 or C63 for that price, and 3.0T Audi S5 are too expensive. I was considering the 335is but now I think maybe I should just order a 2015 Mustang GT. What do you guys think? Any other recommendations?

And if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to buy my car, it’s for sale. 2007 BMW 530i with 70k miles for $16k.